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Planning and Redevelopment of Carlisle and Oats Street Station

Oats Street train station and surrounds have been marked for significant improvements, being an area of importance to the broader METRONET project. With the area already providing access to tertiary education, employment, a leisure centre, child care and retail services, it has vast opportunity for economic and urban development.

With these opportunities now being recognised by government, businesses and the community, the area is likely to increasingly attract attention as a safe, vibrant and attractive station precinct.

METRONET have announced their commitment to invest in elevated rail in the area, which will see the rail raised to completely remove sections of it from ground level to improve pedestrian, cyclist and motorist connections. It is also a revitalisation opportunity, with the opportunity for new public spaces under the raised rail.

The area around Carlisle Station will also be complemented by the Archer/Mint Streetscape Improvement Program, which includes significant improvements to bicycle priority, road safety and landscaping.


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