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Higgins Park and Playfield Reserve Masterplan

A masterplan guiding the revitalisation of Higgins Park and Playfield Reserve.

A masterplan has been developed to guide the short and long term revitalisation of Higgins Park and Playfield Reserve.

Higgins Park, Fred Bell Parade and Playfield Reserve (the site) form an eight-hectare parcel of public open space. This site is regarded as one of the Town’s main formal sporting facilities as well as a key recreational amenity for the local community. Given the site’s land size, the projected population growth, the need for formalised sporting areas, and the recently adopted Public Open Space Strategy, the Town appointed consultant Place Laboratory to prepare a number of masterplan options for the site.

The masterplan options sought to:

  • Optimise regional active recreation opportunities on the site.
  • Maximise and modernise the recreational offering of the site.
  • Enhance and provide passive recreation amenity to the local community.
  • Make public open space and Town assets work for the community.
  • Align with and deliver on objectives of the Public Open Space Strategy.

The masterplan options were developed through a co-design workshop process with a Design Reference Group, which included members of the community and representatives from the stakeholder groups.

The final masterplan was endorsed by Council in December 2020.

Following Council’s resolution, the Town has listed the Design Development stage of the project for consideration in the 2021/22 draft Annual Budget. Upon approval of this budget, the Design Development stage will commence, including the creation of a staged implementation plan and continual engagement with the masterplan stakeholders.

Check out the final masterplan and associated documents here.

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